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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject [classlib] More build file simplification
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 06:06:16 GMT

I've thought of another few items that I'd like to sort out.

10) Currently the 'build' directory contains sub-directories for 'tests'
and 'test_report' but the compiled classes aren't in a sub-directory.
This seems a bit confused.  Perhaps they should go in a sub-directory
'classes' or 'main'?  (Also at the module level the tests get put in a
directory called 'bin/test' which seems rather inconsistent.)

11) The basedir for module ant files is the main module directory -
e.g. module/luni.  But the tests run in module/luni/bin/test.  This
means that relative paths in the ant file all start with
../.. *except* the bootclasspath appends which start ../../../.. which
is a little confusing.  Perhaps it would simplify things if tests ran
from the main module directory?

And a quick update on the other items...

1) Moved build.xml up to top-level.  Add targets to make top-level
*the* top-level API for developers.  I also added a 'help' target with
brief usage information.

Done.  Well almost.  You can do:

  ant -Dbuild.module=luni


  ant -Dbuild.module=luni test


  ant -Dbuild.module=luni clean

probably doesn't do what you might expect.

2) Moved build.xml from modules/*/make to modules/*.  Done.

3) Top-level build target doesn't clean anymore.  The 'rebuild' target
does.  Done. (By Geir IIRC.)

4) Module ant file layers compressed back to one file.  Done.

5) Convert XML properties to text.
Not sure this is as easy as I first thought.

6) Use of macros.  Ongoing.

7) Removed verbose init targets from module ant files.  Done.

8) Fixed module ant file 'clean' targets to clean the class files they
create.  Done.

9) Separate exclude lists.  Ongoing resurrecting HARMONY-263.


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