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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject JIRA summaries
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 16:29:39 GMT

Is there any interest in having summaries of JIRA activity sent to the
list once a week?  Something like the following perhaps sent to the
commits list every Sunday at midnight or something?


Summary of JIRA activity since 2006-06-02


      11 Fixed
      23 Unresolved


      26 Fixed
       4 Unresolved



[HARMONY-554] [classlib][luni-kernel] Java 5 Updates for Class, Package
              and Thread
[HARMONY-555] Missing s/w for linux build of harmony
[HARMONY-556] [classlib][luni] TreeMap and TreeSet generification
[HARMONY-559] [classlib][luni] new classes java.util.AbstractQueue
[HARMONY-561] Modularise native include directories
[HARMONY-562] [rmi2.1.4] removing commented out call now we have
[HARMONY-563] Java 5 Enhancement: java.util.Properties should implement
              methods loadFromXML, storeToXML.
[HARMONY-567] [classlib][luni] java.util.Scanner constructors not
[HARMONY-571] [classlib] [beans] 
[HARMONY-576] Keytool - first contribution. Files with stubs.
[HARMONY-577] [classlib][util]
              java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream.write(byte[] ) doesn't
              throw IOException if an entry is not set


[HARMONY-557] [classlib] Update build scripts to use JUnit 3.8.1
[HARMONY-558] [classlib] Update build scripts to use Eclipse JDT 3.2RC7
[HARMONY-560] Use mx4j for javax.management
[HARMONY-564] Scripts to generate test coveragte report using Emma and
[HARMONY-565] Application class coverage checking scripts
[HARMONY-566] NASM port of assembly parts of win32 code in hythreads
[HARMONY-568] Bug in java.net.InetSocketAddress serialization
[HARMONY-569] [classlibadapter] System.setOut/setErr implementation
[HARMONY-570] [classlib] HttpURLConnection does not use proxy
[HARMONY-572] [classlibadapter] implement Package.isSealed methods
[HARMONY-573] Implementation of ThreadLocal support in Thread
[HARMONY-574] [classlib][util] Java 5 Enhancement:new class
[HARMONY-575] [classlib][tesing] Refactor ByteBuffer testcases in
[HARMONY-578] [classlib][nio] NIO should provide some utility classes
              for the JNI 1.4 enhancement
[HARMONY-579] [jchevm] trivial memory leak when command line arguments
              are replaced/ignored
[HARMONY-580] [classlib][regex][perf] Lookaround matching is slow
[HARMONY-581] Write barrier patch for jet in drlvm
[HARMONY-582] java.nio.channels.Selector.open() returns null
[HARMONY-583] [classlibadapter] fake java wrapper to enable classlib
              tests to be run
[HARMONY-584] missing descriptions in @param tags
[HARMONY-585] [jchevm] minimal 1.5 class file support
[HARMONY-586] Keytool - added parameter and options declarations and
              commands enum.
[HARMONY-587] [classlib][security] Split impl vs. api tests



[HARMONY-199] Contribution of javax.crypto and java.math
[HARMONY-421] java.beans.VetoableChangeSupport.readObject() throws
              unexpected ClassCastException
[HARMONY-438] DRL Virtual Machine contribution
[HARMONY-481] PKCS7 SignedData is not designed to be encoded
[HARMONY-515] [classlib][luni] java.io: missing 8 methods and 4
              constructors in PrintWriter and PrintStream.
[HARMONY-516] [classlib] [beans]
              java.beans.PropertyEditorSupport.getAsText() throws
              unexpected ClassCastException
[HARMONY-522] java.util.Scanner is not implemented in Harmony
[HARMONY-524] [classlib][luni-kernel] java.lang.reflect Field and
              Method generification
[HARMONY-525] [classlib][luni] Misc Collections Generification
[HARMONY-527] [classlib][text]
              java.text.AttributedString.addAttribute() incorrectly
              handles null value.
[HARMONY-531] [classlib] CertificateFactory source files are poorly
[HARMONY-533] Java 5 Enhancement: util.Arrays should implement
              deepHashCode, deepEquals, hashCode(*) methods.
[HARMONY-537] [classlib] X.509 CertificateFactory implementation does
              not support PKCS7 Data
[HARMONY-538] Windows native clean target does not clean all produced
[HARMONY-539] ArrayList.addAll(0, ...) index out of bounds exception
[HARMONY-540] [classlib][text] Method applyPattern(String) of
              java.text.ChoiceFormat incorrectly throws
[HARMONY-542] [classlib][luni] Misc java.util Generifications
[HARMONY-543] javax.naming.spi generifications
[HARMONY-544] javax.naming.ldap generifications
[HARMONY-545] javax.naming.directory generifications
[HARMONY-546] javax.naming generifications
[HARMONY-548] upgrade to xerces 2.8.0 and xalan 2.7.0
[HARMONY-549] [classlib][nio-channels]
              java.nio.channels.SocketChannel.read/write mis-acts in
              some condition.
[HARMONY-550] [classlib][nio-channels] Multiple bugs in
[HARMONY-552] unmodifiableCollections missing toString methods
[HARMONY-553] Java 5 Enhancement: java.util.Timer should implement
              purge() method, Timer(String), Timer(String, boolean)


[HARMONY-41] NIO: java.nio.channels.spi and java.nio.channels.Channels,
             Pipe, Selector have not been implemented
[HARMONY-403] HashMap hashcode ignores values in entries
[HARMONY-483] Update to classlibadapter
[HARMONY-528] AWT, Java2D and SWING contribution

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