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From "Ivan Volosyuk" <ivan.volos...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jchevm+classlibadapter] Running classlib tests
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:37:33 GMT
It even don't require change to classlib, but rather to classlibadapter.
The main drawback of this approach: it requires changes to _all_ VMs
which works successfully with gnu classpath to work with
classlib/classlibadapter. There is no other visible obstacles.

On 6/19/06, Archie Cobbs <archie@dellroad.org> wrote:
> Ivan Volosyuk wrote:
> > As far as I can see classlib uses port library libprt.so which is
> > intended to be used by VM as low level layer above OS threading
> > system. Some kind of abstraction of underlying OS primitives. The port
> > library is widely used in classlib. The port library data is
> > accessible via TLS (it is done imho to support multi VM environments).
> > To initialize each thread's TLS pointer to the port library the
> > thread_attach() function is needed.
> We could handle this in the following manner: let's define two well-known
> static native methods (Thread.internaAttach() and Thread.internalDetach()).
> Then, if these exist, the VM will invoke them from within each thread at
> the beginning and ending of its lifetime.
> This would require a simple change to the classlib code and any classlib
> VM's. However, it would be a good change, because it would be making
> explicit a VM-classlib dependency that is now implicit.
> Thoughts on this approach?
> -Archie

Intel Middleware Products Division

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