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From "Javaref Scribe" <scr...@javaref.com>
Subject ANN: Apache Harmony featured on javaref.com where AJAX meets javadocs
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 15:32:08 GMT
Hello everyone,
    Javaref.com is where ajax meets javadocs. The site provides multi-API 
javadocs which are cross-referenced with a UI that is ajax driven (enabling 
featuers such as class/package/method search with auto-complete)! And since 
the Sun JDK is copyrighted, Apache Harmony takes center stage as the JDK 
library. I've loaded the class library from the SVN repository as of Jun 27, 
10 pm. I'll continue to update the javadocs for it every 2 weeks or so. In 
the mean time, I hope this will bring Harmony a lot more attention and 
visibility and also encourage us users to contribute to the documentation!

Javaref ... 

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