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From "Nathan Beyer" <nbe...@kc.rr.com>
Subject [classlib][vm] Prerequisites for java.util.concurrent
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2006 20:53:10 GMT
I've been working with the java.util.concurrent code to see what we'd need
to have in place to get this code to be a part of Harmony.


System.nanoTime() - A number of the classes rely on the new nanoTime method.
I'm assuming this would just be marked as a native method like
currentTimeMillis in luni-kernel, which would leave it up to the VMs
implement. I can easily stub out the Java code. Anyone interested in getting
our VMs to implement this method? I'm guessing that if IBM donates an
updated VME for 1.5 usage, this would also be provided.maybe?


Annotations - There are a few places where the @SuppressWarnings annotation
is used. Building the annotations themselves is trivial, but we'll actually
need to be using Java 5 class files to properly compile annotation class
files. These can be commented out until the 5 class file support is enabled.


PriorityQueue - There's at least one dependency on this class. I think
someone is already working on this one though.


VMI Atomicity/Lock API - All of the AtomicXXX classes are delegated to a
VM-specific API for atomic gets and sets. This API will need to be defined
and then implemented by the various VMs. Many of the lock APIs also make use
of this API.


Arrays.copyOf() - Several classes utilize a set of Arrays.copyOf() methods,
which are new in Java SE 6 [1]. We'd either have to rework these
implementations to use System.arraycopy or just implement the new methods.


AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<K,V> - The ConcurrentHashMap uses this class as a
base class for Map.Entry objects. This is a new public class, which is also
part of Java SE 6 [2]. Either this code can be reworked to just implement
the Map.Entry interface, or the SimpleEntry class can be built out, which
should be trivial.


Thoughts, comments, questions?


[1] http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/util/Arrays.html


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