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From "Daniel Fridlender" <dfridlen...@gmail.com>
Subject towards a new implementation of java.math
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 14:19:16 GMT

After a discussion we had a few weeks ago in this forum on the
different implementations of java.math donated to Harmony
(Harmony-(39+380) and Harmony-199) we (ITC) decided to voluteer for
the task of integrating them into a single implementation which would
benefit from the best features of Harmony-39, 380 and 199.

We will consider comparing on a method-by-method level but also on
ideas level so that the new implementation will probably require
re-programming good ideas from the existing implementations.  In the
case of BigInteger we will also compare the benefits of the different
internal representations.

Right now we are analysing the two implementations.  Once we are done
with this analysis we will make it public and propose a way to proceed
towards an integration.

BTW, we had problems patching Harmony-380 over Harmony-39, it attempts
to erase non-existing lines.  Did we miss something?  Is there any
other intermediate patch that we have missed?


Daniel Fridlender

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