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From "Zakirov, Salikh" <salikh.zaki...@intel.com>
Subject RE: DRLVM contribution - try this out!
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 16:55:34 GMT
> I took a brief look at the code and the documentation, and noticed 
> that DRLVM is written in C++ instead of plain C.
> Is there any particular reason for using C++?

DRLVM reuses some C++ code from earlier Intel research projects
(of course, code origin was carefully tracked and certified),
and developers had more C++ experience, so C++ was natural choice.

By the way, some parts of DRLVM are in Java and C.

The interfaces between dynamically linked components
are extern "C", and most of the complicated C++ features
are used very moderately, so plugging in C code is easy.

> Could you briefly tell us the story of DRLVM?

DRL = dynamic runtime layer 

I hope we could write the rest of the story for "Harmony VM" :)

Salikh Zakirov, Intel Middleware Products Division

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