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From "Andrey Chernyshev" <a.y.chernys...@gmail.com>
Subject DRLVM contribution - try this out!
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 14:15:37 GMT
Dear All,

I'm happy to announce the contribution of the DRL Virtual Machine on behalf of
I have described in the bottom of this message how you can try it for yourself.

The code is a result of efforts of Intel Middleware Products Division team. The
archive with the contribution is uploaded to the following location:


The issue contains two zip archives:

        - The DRLVM source code contribution, containing the following
VM (or VM core)
Bytecode verifier
Kernel classes
OS layer

        - A few patches that should be applied to Harmony class libraries
     in order to integrate them with DRLVM.

We checked that the JRE combined from the DRLVM and the Harmony class libraries
is capable of running Eclipse and Ant. It was tested with Harmony classes taken
at 03/13 (plus some contributions existed to that date, such as HARMONY-39 and
HARMONY-88) on Windows and Linux IA32.

The building system included with the DRLVM is entirely written on Ant and is
capable of producing a workable JRE combined from DRLVM and Harmony
class libraries (we have intentionally included the compilation of class
libraries code into the DRLVM building system to give an example how the native
code for the complex multi-component project can be built with Ant). Both VM and
Class Libraries can be built with MSVC or Intel C compiler on Windows and gcc or
Intel C compiler on Linux IA32. Eclipse 3.1.1 compiler is used for compiling the
Java code.

DRLVM communicates with the Harmony class libraries through the set of kernel
classes and VMI interface, as described in the Harmony Class Library Porting
Documentation. We had to add the java.lang.SringBuffer into the kernel classes
set for now since it is tighten to the java.lang.String in our implementation.

The DRLVM is not yet a complete full-functional product, there is a plenty of
things to do such as 1.5 support or missing some of JVMTI/JNI capabilities.
Please refer to the README.txt and Developers Guide (located in the 'doc'
directory) provided with the contribution. However, we hope that the existing VM
implementation, in conjunction with the Harmony class libraries and Eclipse, at
least should be able to provide the self-hosting environment where developers
can edit, compile and run Java code using Eclipse, execute Ant (you can try
to rebuild the DRLVM and Harmony class libraries by executing it's Ant building
system on top of the previously built DRLVM image).

IMPORTANT NOTE: the building system, by default, downloads all the necessary
software and libraries such as Eclipse, APR, LogCXX or zlib directly from the
software and libraries used for the DRLVM compilation and linking. Please refer
to the README.txt provided with the contribution for more detailed information
how to build DRLVM and which software/libraries are used for that.


To build the DRLVM, just extract the both zip archives into the same directory,
set ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME, run the "build update" and then "build". See the
README.txt for more details, including the software required (you'll need some
JRE, C/C++ compiler, Ant and Svn tool to checkout classlibs).

Note that the DRLVM may not work with the most recent version of Harmony class
libraries since the latter is constantly changing (the last version of classes
we were adopting the DRLVM for was taken at 03/13). Some work will still be
needed to integrate it with the most recent version of the class libraries.

You are welcome to try it and share your opinion!

Thank you,
Andrey Chernyshev
Intel Middleware Products Division

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