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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: Multi-tree HDK config - working directory ( was Re: Supporting working on a single module?)
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 12:54:13 GMT

Vladimir Gorr wrote:

> whether does it mean the HDK will contain the sources (src.zip?) as well?
> Otherwise I don't understand what can be modified. Could you please clarify
> this?

I know you addressed to oliver, but let me take a wack at it to see if I 
grok everything....

One of the many motivations for the HDK idea was a refactoring of the 
natives into modules, which brought up the interdependency issue.  To 
solve, the idea is top copy natives headers at build time into One Big Pile.

So if you are in module foo, and working on something that modified 
foo.h, foo.h will be copied at build from module foo into One Big Pile, 
thereby overwriting the HDK's copy of foo.h, since the HDK and One Big 
Pile are conflated in the current model.

I don't like this, because as I am a forgetful person, I may point 
another project/module at the HDK, and now will be tormented by strange 
things happening because the foo.h has been changed...

That's why I've been suggesting a model (just for everyone's sanity, 
including people posting questions to the dev list), where the HDK is 
never modified, and there's a "working" area in the individual project 
tree where HDK + ThingsBeingWorkedOn are intermingled for the build 
process local to that individual project.


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