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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] jetty based tests
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 12:46:08 GMT

Anton Luht wrote:
> Good day,
>> I assume that we can have a test script config file to define the server
>> location.  We can have the default mode be starting the Jetty server on
>> localhost (a.k.a. 'airplane mode' <g>), then if you want to run the
>> server remotely the tests config would have to be updated...
> It seems to me that remote server is not requires in HTTP tests. The
> only difference between local HTTP server and the remote one is that
> the first is reached via loopback and the latter - via "real" net.
> Testing of network connections is out of scope of HTTP functionality
> tests so local server shoud be enough.

How do you "pull the wire"?  I think that having that option for testing 
things would be nice.

> Remote server has obvious drawbacks:
> - if we compare in tests data fetched by via HTTP to some expected
> result, it's likely that contents of remote site (say, apache.org)
> will change and tests will fail
> - some companies and providers don't allow to connect from internal
> network to the Internet directly - 'telnet ... 80' will fail. The
> direct connection functionality cannot be tested in this environment.
> Remote server is not required even for proxy tests - Jetty can be
> configured to run as proxy server.
> The only problem with local server is choosing a local port to bind to
> - port 80 is often used by another daemon. Test should try to start
> Jetty on a free port and tell its number to the URLConnection test.

Autonomically?  I don't think so - I think it should be a configuration 
parameter set by the tester so things are repeatable....

> My opinion is that remote server should not be used in tests - it's
> problematic and doesn't give any advantages.

It's a choice here.  I agree it should not be *required*, and that by 
default, one should be able to run the test suite on an airplane when 
the airline isn't Lufthansa :)


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