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From George Harley <george.c.har...@googlemail.com>
Subject [classlib] Layout of tests in beans module
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 17:22:41 GMT

Just a heads up to you all (and especially anyone working in beans just 
now) that I would like to make some changes to src/tests in the beans 
module in the next day or so. Proposed changes are similar to the tidy 
ups that have taken place in archive, jndi, rmi, logging, prefs etc over 
the last few weeks and consist of ...

* under the src/test/java source folder, merge all of the API tests into 
one package structure under org.apache.harmony.beans.tests. So we get 
o.a.h.b.t.java.beans and o.a.h.b.t.java.beans.beancontext etc.

* move the relatively small number of tests that rely on running on the 
bootclasspath to under src/test/java-internal which get compiled to 

* in the run.tests target of make/common/build.xml have a junit task 
that runs the internal tests on the bootclasspath and another junit test 
that runs the API/non-internal tests on the classpath.

Please holler if you are about to make any changes in this area. 
Otherwise I will proceed when/if SVN becomes available for me again.

Best regards,

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