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From "Vladimir Gorr" <vvg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DRLVM contribution - try this out!
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 09:24:26 GMT

most likely I've understood a root cause of your issue. I paid attention

the /usr/include/ext directory is absent on your machine. It means (or can
the g++ compiler has been partially installed for your case. Please, try to
eliminate it and to re-build again.


On 5/4/06, Elford, Chris L <chris.l.elford@intel.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since I shared initial experiences with this package, I thought I
> should do the same on Linux.  I have not experienced as much luck there
> yet.
> A few notes:
> 1) If you are behind a proxy, make sure to follow the instructions
> regarding setting up the svn proxy [~/.subversion/servers].  The proxy
> parameters to build.sh are not passed on to svn.
> 2) Don't try to use gcj as the JAVA_HOME for initial compilation.  I
> tried this first but it looks for a tools.jar that gcj doesn't have.
> 3) I did not experience much success on Fedora Core 5.  I believe it is
> a compiler issue w/ C++ compatibility [FC5 ships with gcc 4.1.0-3].
> The errors that I get on Fedora core 5 are:
>       [cc]
> /usr/local/src/Harmony/build/lnx_ia32_gcc_release/semis/extra/log4cxx/sr
> c/include/log4cxx/xml/domconfigurator.h:243: error: extra qualification
> 'log4cxx::xml::DOMConfigurator::' on member 'subst'
>       [cc]
> /usr/local/src/Harmony/build/lnx_ia32_gcc_release/semis/extra/log4cxx/sr
> c/include/log4cxx/helpers/unicodehelper.h:98: error: extra qualification
> 'log4cxx::helpers::UnicodeHelper::' on member 'lengthUTF8'
>       [cc]
> /usr/local/src/Harmony/build/lnx_ia32_gcc_release/semis/extra/log4cxx/sr
> c/include/log4cxx/helpers/unicodehelper.h:98: error: extra qualification
> 'log4cxx::helpers::UnicodeHelper::' on member 'lengthUTF8'
>       [cc]
> /usr/local/src/Harmony/build/lnx_ia32_gcc_release/semis/extra/log4cxx/sr
> c/include/log4cxx/xml/domconfigurator.h:243: error: extra qualification
> 'log4cxx::xml::DOMConfigurator::' on member 'subst'
>       [cc]
> /usr/local/src/Harmony/build/lnx_ia32_gcc_release/semis/extra/log4cxx/sr
> c/include/log4cxx/helpers/unicodehelper.h:98: error: extra qualification
> 'log4cxx::helpers::UnicodeHelper::' on member 'lengthUTF8'
> 4) I switched back to a Fedora Core 4 system in the hopes that this
> would resolve the compiler issue.  Fedora Core 4 comes with gcc 4.0.0-8.
> That doesn't see the errors above but has numerous warnings then errors
> out with some C++ template prototype mismatches.  I can send a log with
> the warnings/errors if desired.
> The readme indicates that gcc is supported [CXX=gcc].
> Is there a specific version of gcc required to get this to compile on
> Fedora Core 4 or Fedora Core 5?
> Thanks!
> Chris Elford
> Intel Middleware Products Division
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andrey Chernyshev [mailto:a.y.chernyshev@gmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 7:16 AM
> To: harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Subject: DRLVM contribution - try this out!
> Dear All,
> I'm happy to announce the contribution of the DRL Virtual Machine on
> behalf of
> Intel.
> I have described in the bottom of this message how you can try it for
> yourself.
> The code is a result of efforts of Intel Middleware Products Division
> team. The
> archive with the contribution is uploaded to the following location:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-438
> The issue contains two zip archives:
>    DRLVM_src_20060502_1806_Harmony.zip
>        - The DRLVM source code contribution, containing the following
> components:
> VM (or VM core)
> GC
> Bytecode verifier
> Kernel classes
> OS layer
>    DRLVM_src_20060502_1806_Patches_for_Harmony.zip
>        - A few patches that should be applied to Harmony class
> libraries
>     in order to integrate them with DRLVM.
> We checked that the JRE combined from the DRLVM and the Harmony class
> libraries
> is capable of running Eclipse and Ant. It was tested with Harmony
> classes taken
> at 03/13 (plus some contributions existed to that date, such as
> HARMONY-39 and
> HARMONY-88) on Windows and Linux IA32.
> The building system included with the DRLVM is entirely written on Ant
> and is
> capable of producing a workable JRE combined from DRLVM and Harmony
> class libraries (we have intentionally included the compilation of class
> libraries code into the DRLVM building system to give an example how the
> native
> code for the complex multi-component project can be built with Ant).
> Both VM and
> Class Libraries can be built with MSVC or Intel C compiler on Windows
> and gcc or
> Intel C compiler on Linux IA32. Eclipse 3.1.1 compiler is used for
> compiling the
> Java code.
> DRLVM communicates with the Harmony class libraries through the set of
> kernel
> classes and VMI interface, as described in the Harmony Class Library
> Porting
> Documentation. We had to add the java.lang.SringBuffer into the kernel
> classes
> set for now since it is tighten to the java.lang.String in our
> implementation.
> The DRLVM is not yet a complete full-functional product, there is a
> plenty of
> things to do such as 1.5 support or missing some of JVMTI/JNI
> capabilities.
> Please refer to the README.txt and Developers Guide (located in the
> 'doc'
> directory) provided with the contribution. However, we hope that the
> existing VM
> implementation, in conjunction with the Harmony class libraries and
> Eclipse, at
> least should be able to provide the self-hosting environment where
> developers
> can edit, compile and run Java code using Eclipse, execute Ant (you can
> try
> to rebuild the DRLVM and Harmony class libraries by executing it's Ant
> building
> system on top of the previously built DRLVM image).
> IMPORTANT NOTE: the building system, by default, downloads all the
> necessary
> software and libraries such as Eclipse, APR, LogCXX or zlib directly
> from the
> for the
> software and libraries used for the DRLVM compilation and linking.
> Please refer
> to the README.txt provided with the contribution for more detailed
> information
> how to build DRLVM and which software/libraries are used for that.
> To build the DRLVM, just extract the both zip archives into the same
> directory,
> set ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME, run the "build update" and then "build". See
> the
> README.txt for more details, including the software required (you'll
> need some
> JRE, C/C++ compiler, Ant and Svn tool to checkout classlibs).
> Note that the DRLVM may not work with the most recent version of Harmony
> class
> libraries since the latter is constantly changing (the last version of
> classes
> we were adopting the DRLVM for was taken at 03/13). Some work will still
> be
> needed to integrate it with the most recent version of the class
> libraries.
> You are welcome to try it and share your opinion!
> Thank you,
> Andrey Chernyshev
> Intel Middleware Products Division
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