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From Chris Gray <chris.g...@kiffer.be>
Subject Re: Supporting working on a single module?
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 21:04:49 GMT
Geir scripsit:

> > For what my opinion is worth (on a good day, a cup of coffee, but not at
> > Caffè Florian), this would be an excellent thing to have. It will never
> > be easy to work on the core Java APIs in a totally modular way (because
> > Sun didn't design things that way), but with such a set of stubs one
> > could at least work on a group of classes in isolation and be able to
> > compile them to bytecode. Furthermore the stubs can readily be used for
> > white-box testing during development, by simply adding println()s. Go for
> > it!
> 1) I wonder if we could just add those println's w/ AOP since we're
> fundamentally lazy.

I imagined that these println's would be ad-hoc and ephemeral, a step along 
the way to producing other deliverables (the class libraries themselves, and 
the various kinds of test that have already been discussed here). If you're 
developing method M of class C and your implementation invokes method M' of 
class C', you sometimes want to have a M' which just prints out "hello, I've 
been called with inputs foo, bar and baz" and/or returns some prearranged 
result; but I don't think you'd want the stub method to have this feature 
built-in for every conceivable invocation. Not unless you embark on an 
ambitious reflection-based framework with scripting capabilities, which of 
course could be huge fun in itself. :)

> 2) Could we mechanically create the stubs, rather than having a parallel
> source tree?  One might argue that you could generate such a stub by
> transforming the spec javadoc to code....  no muss, no fuss, and darn
> quick...

This is not such a daft idea. If it's not literally possible (and Etienne can 
mostly likely tell us why not), then it should still be possible to perform 
extensive automatic automatic checking of the stubs using japitools or 


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