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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Supporting working on a single module?
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 14:07:03 GMT

As the Harmony Classlib grows, I think that being able to work on a
single module (or some subset of the modules) will become the typical
way of working for many (perhaps even most) contributors.  So I think
we need a plan to support this.  I also think that forcing ourselves
to support this mode of working sooner rather than later will help us
keep from accidentally breaking the modularity in the current
build/development process.

Oliver is currently looking at restructuring the native source to the
appropriate modules/*/src/main/native directory.  One question that
comes out of this investigation is: where should the include files
"live"?  I think they belong with the module that provides the
implementation defined by the declarations in the header.  That is,
zipsup.h is "owned" by archive, hythread.h is "owned" by thread
(luni), etc.

However, if the build was to refer to the header files within the
modules then this breaks the modularity.  So, for example, someone
working on a single module would have to checkout all the dependent
modules rather than just the one they wish to work on.

So, perhaps, at build time we should copy the header files out of the
owning module into a common include directory.  All modules would then
refer to the header file in the common include directory.  This means
we can then create a snapshot tar/zip of the common include directory
which someone wishing to work on a single module could download to
build against.  This is not dissimilar to the current way in which
you could build the java sources against a deploy/jre snapshot.

For windows, the snapshot would also include the .lib files that are
required to build for the run-time .dll files.

What is this new snapshot?  Well, Tim suggested that it was a little
like the jdk but for Harmony development.  So perhaps it should be
called an hdk, Harmony Development Kit?

Logically, in the same way that a jdk contains a jre, the hdk should
contain the jdk (which will contain the jre).  Thus, we'd have a
hierarchy like:


When we come to create snapshots/releases, it's easy to see how we'd
create archives for the hdk, jdk, and jre.

Unfortunately, though I think this solution is quite elegant, there
are quite a few references to the "deploy/jre" path that would need to
be fixed.  However, I think this is something we should discuss and, if
we decide it is the right thing to do, then we should take the hit and
move things around now.

What do you think?


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