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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: DRLVM contribution - try this out!
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 19:11:27 GMT
On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 01:36:11PM +0700, Vladimir Gorr wrote:
> I understand how it works when the patches are integrated to the repository
> on regular base. After this all customers can create new patches and etc.
> etc. etc.
> Here I see no any issues. There are a lot of GUI tools allowing to merge the
> changes.
> The number of patches is a constant approximately.
> I don't understand how it should [or will] work when any of contributions
> exists long time
> in the form of zip file. New bugs appear. As a result new patches will be
> created.
> The corresponding JIRA issues are linked to the original contribution. And
> etc. etc.
> It will be continued until all sources are integrated to the repository. I
> don't think
> the customers will be very happy to re-read each time the JIRA description
> to understand
> how to get the recent version of product.

"Customers" should not get sources or patches out of jira. While apache doesn't
have customers as such (since we give everything away for free), what will
happen with harmony as the project matures is that we'll be pushing out source
releases and binary releases, both "snapshots" and "stable" releases, which is
the primary means for *users* to get hold of our "products". Harmony is
essentially sort-of in "stealth mode" right now, which is why those kinds of
things are not yet in place, and neither are facilities such as mailing list for
users or end-user-targetted documentation on how to install it. We don't actually
want that many "regular" users (eg the people just looking for a jdk to use),
since we wouldn't be able to support them, but that will change as this neat
little (heh. Not so little anymore already :-)) project matures.

Hope that clarifies a little!



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