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From "Ivan Volosyuk" <ivan.volos...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jchevm status?
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 16:14:19 GMT
Looks like you have downloaded recent classlib. This problem appeared
a few days ago after some changes in classlib. I have already created
a patch which adds the methods. Classlib is moving to java5 interfaces
so this changes should also go in the adapter.

There are a bunch of patches already attached to Harmony-483.
Reflection, system classloader works now reasonably well. My main
testing workload is eclipse and I am slowly moving forward. Eclipse
already can successfully use logging. I am investigating why it cannot
load its own jars.

A small note about patch sequence in jira: all patches should apply
cleanly except wrong patch: 2.
classlibadapter-incremental-update-20060522-20060528.diff (163 kb)
It was sent by mistake and contains exact the same content as initial
patch  classlibadapter-update-20060522.diff.

2006/5/30, Weldon Washburn <weldonwjw@gmail.com>:
> Archie,
> I tried to build Ivan's mods.  I get a bunch of javac compiler errors
> starting with, "java.lang.reflect.Constructor is not abstract and does
> not override abstract method isSynthetic()..."
> Unfortunately, I have zero time to spend on this project right now.  I
> looked at Ivan's mods.  They seem reasonable and valuable.  Please use
> your best judgement on applying the patches to the code.
> I don't want to slow down forward progress on the gnuclasspathadapter
> project.  It would be great if someone jumps in and take this project
> forward.
> On 5/22/06, Archie Cobbs <archie@dellroad.org> wrote:
> > Weldon Washburn wrote:
> > > Please hold off the check-in for a few days.  I would like to try
> > > Ivan's mods on my machine to make certain they are complete.  The
> > > intention is to reduce the chance of secondary patch-up check-ins and
> > > the related blizzard of emails.
> >
> > No problem.. I'll wait for both (a) your confirmation and (b)
> > Apache contributor license thingie.
> >
> > -Archie

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