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From "Ivan Volosyuk" <ivan.volos...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DRLVM] proposal to port MMTK to drlvm
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 20:11:50 GMT
I have a patch for drlvm which enables use of write barriers. This
works in interpreter mode only yet. I can put it on jira if somebody
is interested. The write barriers are tested with an algorithm which
does per-slot validation and should work fine.

2006/5/24, Daniel Feinberg <csdread@gmail.com>:
> > >My understanding of write barriers is as an optimization.
> > That fits with my understanding of write barriers also.   I do not
> > know for certain but suspect that MMTK can somehow be configured such
> > that write barriers are not required for correctness.  Maybe Dan
> > Feinberg can tell the mailing list.
> So MMTK is a toolkit for building GCs. When doing generational
> collection the write barrier is used to keep track of pointers that go
> from older generations to yonger generations. You must have a way to
> track these objects because when you do a partial heap collection (aka
> just the nursery or nursery and old1) you need to build a root set of
> all things that point into that space. Then you trace this root set to
> find all live objects that need to be moved to an older generation. In
> other methods of collecting the write barrier is not as important.
> Here unless you can find all of these pointers that point into a space
> from an older space you must use a write barrier.
> Daniel

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