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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: classlib test suite status emails?
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 06:56:05 GMT

I have another build running (but without notifications going to the
list) that runs:

 1) build (with reference jdk)
 2) build with what we created with 1)
 3) test
 4) create classlists and compare with class load data for applications
    (tomcat, geronimo, continuum, etc.)
 5) generate JAPI results

I'd like to fail this build at step 3, but I can't see an easy way to
get 'ant -f make/build.xml test' to run all tests and then fail if any
of the module test sub-targets had test failures.  I could parse the
output I suppose, but I'd rather get ant to propagate the junit tasks
failure property back up to the top level.  I've tried a couple of
things and none seem to work.  Any suggestions welcome.


On 4/11/06, Stepan Mishura <stepan.mishura@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've checked out at morning last updates, built the code base and run the
> tests …and there are 24 tests failures!
> There are 9 tests failures in
> org.apache.harmony.tests.java.nio.channels.DatagramChannelTest – I saw these
> failures before from time to time. It seems that tests depend on some race
> conditions because they may pass if I rerun them. Paulex, are these tests
> passing for you?
> And there are new 15 test failures.  So now if I'll make a code update or a
> bug fix how I can be 100% sure that I don't do any regression?
> Currently if a commit breaks the Harmony classlib build a notification with
> subject: "[continuum] BUILD FAILURE: Classlib/linux.ia32" will be send to
> harmony-commits mailing list. Is it possible to have the same for tests? I
> mean that after completing automatic build the existing classlib tests suite
> should be run. If there are failing tests then a report notification with
> corresponding subject will be send.
> Thanks,
> Stepan Mishura
> Intel Middleware Products Division

Mark Hindess <mark.hindess@googlemail.com>
IBM Java Technology Centre, UK.

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