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From hadr...@Safe-mail.net
Subject Understanding the Harmony Laucher.
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 04:35:36 GMT
Hello there,
First, I want to apologise for my english which is not my natural language and 
for all the times I chatted during english lessons at school.

I am a student at UQAM and I am following Etienne Gagnon's course on 
Virtual Machines. I have studied SableVM since January, which means I do not 
obviously know all its details, and I am currently working with Etienne on 
adapting SableVM to work with Harmony classlib.

Actually, I am analysing the booting process presented in 5 steps and Physical 
packaging presented in doxygen documentation at 
The scheme is neat but I would need a deeper comprehension and particulary on
the first boot process step :

In createVMArgs of native-src/launcher/main.c, it creates the VM in a 
platform independant manner by calling 
hysl_lookup_name (handle, "JNI_CreateJavaVM", (UDATA *) CreateJavaVM, "iLLL"))
to get a pointer to JNI_CreateJavaVM function provided by shared library 
(libsablevm.so in my case), is that right ?

I am able to make the launcher call JNI_CreateJavaVM in libsablevm.so but I 
need the VM to load class from Harmony and this is quite difficult as I do 
not really get all the stuff the harmony launcher does.

If somebody can make me understand better the boot process, be sure I will be 
very interrested.
Thank you.

gpg key :

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