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From "Fedotov, Alexei A" <alexei.a.fedo...@intel.com>
Subject RE: [Testing Convention] Stress tests: requirements review needed
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 13:10:06 GMT
Hi Alexander,

Let me question the following requirement from your list:

>o	System should have a possibility to vary test behavior and
>stress conditions using arguments
>Actually I'm thinking here about a test suite built from a simple
>like small and fast unit tests, or functional tests

Do you have in mind some standard glue for these simple building blocks
as well? See examples below.

   * Loop generator
     If we have some simple unit or functional test, the reasonable
stress is to execute this test in a loop.

   * Thread generator
     It makes sense to put GC-stressing activity in a loop in parallel
with some test.

   * Stress precondition
     We can fill most of the memory, and run a simple test afterwards.

   * Wildcards in test names
     We may like to stress in some way each test from the package of

Do you mean all this rich set of possibilities should be passed via
command line arguments? How can we make this notation compact and

With best regards,
Alexei Fedotov,
Intel Middleware Products Division

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