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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] String is special
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 13:44:51 GMT
Etienne Gagnon wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I have an objection.

Sure, that's why I asked!

> Locking has nothing to do with "commit control".

Yes it does, your commit will fail if I have the lock; but I am abusing
it to achieve a somewhat different goal of 'inadvertent modification'.

> Allowing for svn
> locking functionality is opening a can of worms.  What if somebody
> aquires a lock and loses network connectivity for a week (because of a
> Hurricane, because he forgot and went on vacation, etc.)?

If we cannot contact the lock holder we simply break/steal the lock.
I'm not proposing that the lock is used to prevent people from making
agreed upon change.

> The whole svn
> philosophy is to allow for parrallel development, instead of the
> serialized development imposed by locking based repositories (Visual
> Source Safe, RCS, etc).

I know.

> I would sugget, instead, to put a BIG WARNING at the top of String.java,
> indicating that any change must first be approved on harmony-dev@.  I
> think that this would accomplish your goal in a more appropriate manner.

Not really.  I can add the warning, but I was looking for a way to
ensure people did not mistakenly change String or did not read the
doc/dev list.  By failing people's commit and making them explicitly
acquire the token first they have to know what they are doing.

If people think that committers will remember to do the right thing then
I'm fine with that.  Unfortunately it hasn't happened to date and String
has only been in LUNI for two weeks.


> Etienne
> Tim Ellison wrote:
>> To ensure that all committers can continue to update String, but that
>> they do so 'knowingly' (i.e. after considering the consequences) I'd
>> like to impose a 'positive action' pre-commit step by setting the
>> "svn:needs-lock" property on String.java.
>> ... 
>> If there are no objections I'll go ahead and do this.


Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
IBM Java technology centre, UK.

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