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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject Re: Starting my next round on BootJVM
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 12:58:14 GMT
Hi Dan,

 I built BootJVM with MSVC in November 2005 but, as you told me, bootJVM 
couldn't run any Java application because it was not completed yet.

>That is great news!  Could you work with me to produce
>MSVS project and workspace files for this, please?  
At the moment I'm working on JCHEVM and SableVM on Cygwin therefore I'm 
a bit busy, but I rembember that the port was easy (even though I had to 
comment out a few lines of code which will have eventually be replaced 
by Windows functions).
I still have the project files and I also marked with tags the point 
where I commented out the code.

>would like to begin a general migration into this environment
>and I will need to ask you a few questions so as to be able
>to run the configurator (perhaps once on CygWin or Linix
>and checked in to SVN) to generate these automagically so
>that VS users do not have to run the Unix-ish configuration
As far as I can say, the main problem of porting a JVM, designed for 
UNIX, to the Windows environment are the ANSI signals:
Windows, in fact, doesn't honor not even a fourth of all ANSI signals, 
therefore, the JVM signals handler WILL NOT be called by Windows.

I don't know yet if and how Cygwin deals with this kind of problem...

>Thanks for your research on this platform.
>Dan Lydick
>P.S.  Has anyone yet tried to build BootJVM on a Mac or
>other PPC platform?  If you are interested, I can show you
>how to hack up the configurator to get started.

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