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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject JCHEVM
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 11:04:49 GMT
Mark Hindess wrote:

>On 4/1/06, Enrico Migliore <enrico.migliore@fatti.com> wrote:
>>I, and others, ported JCHEVM to Cygwin, during the past 2 months; there
>>are still a couple of things to fix, but the main work is done.
>>The port was made in order to be able to "study"  JCHEVM on the Windows
>>platform. I understand, in fact, that having the Cygwin layer running on
>>top of Windows may compromise speed performances of any JVM. In
>>principle, the "-no-cygwin" option of GCC should allow us to produce an
>>executable that doesn't need the cygwin1.dll library, but:
>> 1. I haven't yet tried to enable it
>> 2. The functionality of  cygwin1.dll might be embedded in the
>>executable file (in this case the Cygwin layer is hidden in the .exe)
>I don't think it does include cygwin in any form.  It builds against
>the mingw libraries instead.
> Mark.
>Mark Hindess <mark.hindess@googlemail.com>
>IBM Java Technology Centre, UK.

Hi Mark,

 that's interesting and I think it's worth trying to build JCHEVM in 
that way.

 I don't know though if Windows issues the signals that JCHEVM needs....


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