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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject Re: SableVM or JCHEVM?
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 07:31:28 GMT
Hi Etienne,

>2 things:
>1- SableVM has, from the beginning, put portability as one of its main
>objectives.  This is why we went all the way to write an inline-threaded
>interpreter engine, as to get as much speed without sacrificing
>portability and requiring knowledge of intimate details of the target
>platform (assembly language, ABI, etc.).  We also kept easier to port
>interpreters (switch and direct threaded).  

>The switch-threaded
>interpreter is a pure ISO C interpreter, does not emit a single gcc
>warning with -pedantic on.  
That's what I like most: source code that compiles clean :-)
I bet that the -ansi flag does the same.

>The other two interpreters require gcc
>extensions (and/or a little inline-assembly code).
>2- The SableVM project will not be abandoned any time soon.  It is one
>of my main research vehicles, and I am a relatively young tenured
>professor at UQAM.  Unlike many other open source JVMs which are
>primarily the project of students, SableVM is a project driven by a paid
I see...

>You should chose to work on the project that you feel most comfortable
>to contribute to.  I don't know of any open-source VM that would reject
>contributions (at least, without a good reason).  :-)
>Have fun!
I'll download and build the SableVM source code and play a little with it.


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