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From "Daniel Gandara" <danielgand...@neosur.com>
Subject [rmi] getting 1.4 bytecode
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 20:28:54 GMT
    As discussed with Oliver, I built the rmi code with the 
-target jsr14 option and I got a 1.4 bytecode for the package.    
I run our test suit against the package and it seems to work ok.   

This is a sum up of the experience:
1) -target jsr14 option only worked with Sun's compiler, I 
    could not make it work on Eclipse...
2) I had to make changes to the code, basically I had to 
    change enums and change/remove java.util.concurrent 
    classes we use (ConcurrentHashMap and 

note: there is obviously a performance penalty due to 2).

The question I have now is if I should send this modified code 
to be used in Harmony during this transitional phase or not.  
What do you think?

I'll be waitting for comments, 


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