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From "Nikolay Kuznetsov" <nikolay.kuznet...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: EOL differences in svn diffs
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 16:49:05 GMT
> Yes, I saw that too, and I agree that it makes it virtually impossible
> to see exactly what was changed.  I used a windows machine to apply your
> patch and commit the code, so I can only assume that's why the file was
> converted to DOS EOL.
> I'll poke around to see if I can make it preserve the incoming EOL
> convention.

Subversion manual suggests the following:

"The solution to this problem is the svn:eol-style property. When this
property is set to a valid value, Subversion uses it to determine what
special processing to perform on the file so that the file's line
ending style isn't flip-flopping with every commit that comes from a
different operating system. The valid values are:

However, I tried to play with this switch on local machine (svn
client/local svn server) and this had no effect.

Currently I'm preparing next patch for regular expressions and it's
become a bit complicated (not too much, though:)). One has to preserve
line endings for particular file in patches, otherwise patch will not


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