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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject Re: SableVM / Harmony Collaboration
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 09:05:02 GMT
Etienne Gagnon wrote:

>Hi All,
>Good news!  I have received all the necessary permissions to license
>SableVM under the Apache License 2.0 (AL2).  See:
> http://sablevm.org/lists/sablevm-devel/2006-March/000620.html
>I hope that licensing SableVM under the AL2 will mark the start of a
>nice collaboration between the Harmony and SableVM projects.  I think
>that a model of collaboration has been shaping up in recent discussions:
>- SableVM development stays on http://sablevm.org . Some individual
>  Harmony developers will hopefully submit patches and gain commit
>  privileges, but must then do so under SableVM's traditions and
>  contribution policy.
>- Some SableVM individual contributors will hopefully want to contribute
>  patches and code to the Harmony class libraries.  They will have to do
>  so under Harmony's traditions and contribution policy.  [I will
>  most probably be in this category.  Feel rested; I won't ask for any
>  special treatment just for submitting a patch now and then!]
>- Discussions continue to happen on the appropriate dev@ mailing list
>  (no cross-posting please!).
>- Everyone smiles and is happy!  The world is beautiful. :-)
>Hmmm...  Have I got something wrong?
>PS:  Please be patient.  It will probably take a little time to double
>check everything before making the official license change in our
>repository.  We certainly don't want to have any license conflict in
>code we distribute.


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