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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: how to build Harmony on Windows (with minimum of commercial soft)
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 11:17:34 GMT
I had the same problem - I have to use the non-free-as-in-beer, 
certainly-not-as-in-speech MSFT Visual Studio .NET 2003 toolchain, plus 
some other package thingy from MSFT that adds something to it. (I don't 

I keep forgetting to suggest this to people who pop in here...   can 
someone who has the time and patience *please* take a run at getting 
this to build with :

1) The free-as-in-beer MSFT tool chain

2) GCC and it's brethren, either via MinGW or Cygwin

I currently think of our tooling requirements as a barrier to entry.

As for ml.exe, I had the same problem when trying the free MSFT tool 
chain, and I did find a free assembler somewhere that was meant to 
replace ml.exe (it wasn't from MSFT).

This would be a great help, anyone....


Paulex Yang wrote:
> Mikhail
> I tried same thing before, and failed in same reason, I cannot find this 
> message in mailing list archive, but I remembered I asked this question 
> before.  The facts made me crazy is I had to download all those things 
> like MS platform SDK, .Net SDK and vctoolkit2003, and then had to hack 
> some files in platform SDK(not the *hack* really means, just copy some 
> file from one directory to another), however at last, I found I cannot 
> find free ml.exe to compile *.asm. Seems the ml.exe was free, but it 
> isn't now.
> Mikhail Loenko wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm trying to build Harmony on Windows XP with free MSFT soft only.
>> I've downloaded already ~1Gb of various free MSFT soft, made some hacks
>> on various files and now need to compile *.asm we have in native-src.
>> <note> our readme does not mention that type of files </note>
>> Is there any way to get ml.exe from MSFT for free?
>> Thanks,
>> Mikhail

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