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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ITC's Contribution
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 16:43:10 GMT
Iris Gastañaga wrote:
> Hi Tim, 
>   We have read the contribution policy and we are ready to sign 
> the following documents -we've questions on some of them, so please 
> advice-:

I'll try to help, but with the standard disclaimer that IANAL, so you
need to be comfortable with the terms and conditions and grants that you
are signing no matter what I tell you!

> - SG & CCLA (http://www.apache.org/licenses/cla-corporate.txt ): 
>     Signed by the CEO of ITC. The CCLA should list the team leaders 
>     as authorized contributors 

Ok, thanks.  The list of designated employees on this form is an
internal matter for you (essentially listing people who can contribute
assets on behalf of the corporation).

> - Bulk Contribution Checklist
>   (http://incubator.apache.org/harmony/bulk_contribution_checklist.txt):
>     One for each package, signed by the team leader, and specifying 
>     the list of developers (authors) 

You really only need one checklist per bulk contribution (which may be a
set of packages); but no harm, just more paperwork!

> - ICLA (http://www.apache.org/licenses/icla.txt): 
>     One for each person designated as authorized contributor (or 
>     should it be one for each author?) 

The Software Grant and checklist cover the bulk contribution, so ICLA's
should be completed for people who will be making an ongoing
contribution to the code.  The ICLA works for contributors, the
foundation, and code consumers to define the terms under which
contributions are made to the project.

> - ACQ (http://incubator.apache.org/harmony/auth_cont_quest.txt ): 
>     One for each person designated as authorized contributor (or 
>     should it be one for each author?) 

The bulk contribution checklist ensures that incoming code, created
outside the day-to-day development of the project, has a traceable and
acceptable IP provenance.  If you can provide an ACQ for each of the
original authors(*) and each ongoing contributor(+) that would be ideal.

(*)otherwise see the bulk contribution checklist for details
(+)otherwise they are probably out of luck, see the ACQ for details

> Is this ok? where should we send this documents?

To date these forms have been sent directly to Geir.  I won't put his
fax number out on the list  -- I'll let him send it to you directly.


> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: Tim Ellison [mailto:t.p.ellison@gmail.com] 
> Enviado el: Lunes, 06 de Marzo de 2006 01:54 p.m.
> Para: harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Asunto: Re: ITC's Contribution
> Iris Gastañaga wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>     On behalf of ITC (Cordoba Institute of Technology)from Argentina.I
>> want to offer a code contribution of the 
>> following packages:
>> - java.math    (led by Daniel Fridlender)
>> - java.crypto  (led by Miguel Montes)
>> - java.rmi     (led by Daniel Gándara)
>> Last year the ITC decided to start a "clean-room" java package
>> development 
>> project; now we are proud to make this donation and we hope it be
>> accepted as a valid 
>> contribution (which we believe it is).
> That is fantastic Iris! thanks.
>> Having said this, I do have a few questions:
>> a) Next Steps?
>>   which are the next steps? we have read the contribution policy and
> we
>> are 
>> ok with that; we'll send aditional questions regarding documents to be
>> signed on a separated email.
> We can help with a quick overview of the contribution requirements for
> acceptance -- that would be the logical next steps.  Looks like the
> other questions have been pulled out into separate threads, so let's
> deal with them there.
> Regards,
> Tim
>> b) Harmony 1.5?
>> we have developed J2SE 1.5 compliant/dependant packages -following the
>> specs 
>> of harmony project-; but we see that currently Harmony is not 1.5 but
>> 1.4. 
>> Is there an schedule or plan to get Harmony J2SE 1.5?
>> c) Some still missing components...
>> we have checked some pre-conditions before making this announcement
> and
>> we 
>> found that there are some components we need (i.e.: concurrent) which
>> are 
>> not on Harmony yet.  Is someone working on those missing components?
>> we'll be waiting for comments,
>> Sincerely,
>> Ing. Iris Gastañaga
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> Executive Director
>> Instituto Tecnológico Córdoba
>> Córdoba Business Tower, Piso 15
>> Tel: +54 (351) 5710022 / 23
>> www.fitc.unc.edu.ar
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>> PS: we will send mails with specific package information.
>> PS1: we do know that java.math and java.crypto have already been
>> donated, 
>> but we do believe our code is a valid donation.
>> PS2: for each package we have developed a set of test cases (public
> api)
>> that we are willing to donate too.


Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
IBM Java technology centre, UK.

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