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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject Re: [jchevm] workarounds for Cygwin zip/jar problems that makes "hello world" work
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 16:06:00 GMT
Archie Cobbs wrote:

> Enrico Migliore wrote:
>> I noticed that Ivan introduced the macro __CYGWIN__. Did you merge 
>> the macro in the source tree, or it exists only in Ivan's code?
> All of the Cygwin fixes that I know of (except unzipping the zip files)
> should be merged into the source now. If there's one I missed, let me
> know and I'll add it.
> -Archie
> __________________________________________________________________________ 
> Archie Cobbs      *        CTO, Awarix        *      
> http://www.awarix.com
Hi Archie,

 let's do this way: during the weekend, starting from my, your, Ivan's, 
Waldon's threads, and from the current source tree of JCHEVM, I'll write 
(and test, of course) the HOWTO. Then, on monday, I'll submit it to the 
list for discussion, so that you can evaluate which fixes to apply to 
the source.


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