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From Richard Liang <richard.lian...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Sorry for making trouble for vote
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 00:14:00 GMT
Thanks a lot, Geir. :-)

Richard Liang
China Software Development Lab, IBM

Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
> *Absolutely* no trouble!
> Everyone is invited, nay *encouraged* to vote, because everyone's 
> opinion should be taken into consideration for things like this, 
> committer or not.
> <hat type="mentor">
> Info :
> *Legally* speaking, the only votes that count are those of the project 
> PMC (Project Management Committee), when graduated from incubator, or 
> the Incubator PMC, when in incubator.  The goal is to have 100% of the 
> committers on the PMC for any project, of course, although that's 
> rarely realized for a number of reasons.
> That said, if you have the situation where the PMC  is going a 
> different direction from the committers, or the community at large, it 
> better be a very exceptional situation!
> The idea of the PMC is not to establish any kind of hierarchy or 
> bestow status or magical powers on individuals, but simply organize 
> the structure of ASF projects in a way that's aligned with US 
> Corporate law in a way that a lawyer and a court would recognize 
> (because the ASF is a US non-profit corporation.)
> Thus, the membership of the ASF elects a Board of Directors (like 
> stockholders appoint a corporate board), and the Board then authorizes 
> the creation of Top Level Projects and appoints an individual, the PMC 
> Chair, as an ASF corporate officer, to oversee the project's PMC.  The 
> point is just to have visible and defendable accountability for the 
> actions of a project done in the name of the ASF (accepting code, 
> adding committers, making releases, etc)
> The Harmony PPMC is really like a "provisional" PMC that goes through 
> the motions in preparation of being a fully-empowered PMC, but it has 
> no legally binding authority.  However, the Incubator PMC, in it's 
> role of oversight, will simply "rubberstamp" any PPMC decision as long 
> as it's sane and proper.    The PPMC decision for things like code 
> acceptance and releases are done in public, and implicit w/in the 
> general vote (which is why we don't call out for a special PPMC-only 
> vote...) We learn by doing.
> </hat>
> geir
> (Also - participation is how people get to become committers, too :) 
> Keep participating :))
> Richard Liang wrote:
>> Dear Geir,
>> Just realize I'm not a committers after I'm too impertinent to read 
>> your notes clearly. :-) Sorry again.

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