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From "Dan Lydick" <boot...@earthlink.net>
Subject RE: [classlib] Java namespace in org.apache.harmony
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 02:17:54 GMT

I encourage the use of our name space as "org.apache.harmony"
for three reasons to start out with:  (1) simplicity of identification
by _any_ interested party anywhere, and (2) this is the requested
format in Java development guidelines as they have been developed
over the life of the Java language, thus it is the conventional wisdom
as we now understand it, and-- most of all-- (3) if the ASF is going
to do this new implementation of Java, any significant deviation from
this format, thus colliding with reason #1 and #2 above, will surely
be seen by the industry as a departure from Java standards, thus
very likely lowering the credibility of the Harmony project in the
eyes of the industry overall, meaning lowering the potential for
long-term success of the Harmony project from the time such a
departure is agreed upon.  Not to be a nay-sayer, but I think that
this standard, being as well entrenched as it is, has some merits to
it, both intrinsically by its domain name style of structure and
popularly because the standard is long simce in place at this time.
Not that I am opposed to other ideas, but I think this one should
stay with us.

Dan Lydick

> [Original Message]
> From: Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com>
> To: <harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org>
> Date: 1/18/06 5:42:57 AM
> Subject: [classlib] Java namespace in org.apache.harmony
> I changed thread name to keep this issue from getting buried in the 
> security2 discussion (and get it out of there...)  I also added 
> [classlib] in the subject to help people sort things out...  I plan to 
> use [classlib:security2] for more disucssion about my sec2 problems...
> "org.apache.harmony" == o.a.h  for short is the root of our project java 
> namespace.
> Should we consider
>    o.a.h.classlib
> for the classlibrary work?  We have no reason to now, and the extremos 
> will tell us not to do it unless we need it, but I can easily imagine us 
> needing it, and it will be less of a royal PITA to do later....
> geir

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