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From danielgand...@neosur.com
Subject ITC: Contribution of java.rmi
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 22:16:35 GMT

  As announced before we are contributing java.rmi package on behalf of ITC
(Cordoba Institute of Technology).

Below is a short description of the contribution.

Daniel Gandara


Package name  java.rmi

Package Description

 Clean room implementation of java.rmi following J2SE 1.5 spec

Current Status
 Currently our package contains implementation for:
 - java.rmi
 - java.rmi.dgc
 - java.rmi.registry
 - java.rmi.server

 package java.rmi.activation and deprecated method/classes
have not been implemented. Activation have been designed but
has not been implemented yet.

 Tools like rmic and rmiregistry have not been implemented.

Architectural Design
 Package has been architected following a layered design, which
seem to be the most appropriate model for the RMI implementation
in accordance with the specification.
 For further details check www.fitc.unc.edu.ar/javadev/rmi/architecture.html


Javadoc of the package can be reached here

  Unit and integration tests (and their documentation) are
provided with the code.

Implementation Notes
 The code uses J2SE 5.0 features, such as generics, so it
requires 5.0 VM and libraries (i.e.: java.util.concurrent).
It has been tested against Sun SDK, removing the original
java.rmi.* and replacing it by ours.

Known Issues

Specification Issues

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