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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject classlib ant clean is incomplete
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 13:49:59 GMT
I'm a unix hacker used to working at the command line.  (But that
wasn't supposed to be a confession and I'm sure some of this will be
visible to IDE users.)  When preparing patches, for example for the
the native-src, I might run:

  cd native-src
  ant clean
  svn stat

to see what files I've added and/or removed.  (Obviously I could use
svn diff but that only really answers the changed files question.)

At the moment when I do this I see:

  ?      linux.IA32/build.log
  ?      linux.IA32/include/unicode
  ?      linux.IA32/text/libicuuc.so.34
  ?      linux.IA32/vmi/vmi.map
  ?      linux.IA32/fdlibm/e_exp.c
  ?      linux.IA32/fdlibm/s_finite.c
  ... [ 100+ lines removed ]
  ?      linux.IA32/zlib/adler32.c
  ?      linux.IA32/zlib/old
  ?      linux.IA32/zlib/amiga
  ?      linux.IA32/zlib/infback.c
  ?      linux.IA32/zlib/examples

(Aside: build.log should go soon I think.  And one of my JIRA patches
fixes the clean target of the makefile that creates vmi/vmi.map.)

It's plain to see why most of these files are still around since, in
native-src/build.xml, make-all and layout have corresponding clean
targets but overlay-oss does not.

Of course, this is slightly non-trivial to fix since you can't easily
reverse the unzip. (You'd want an zip-content-list task that could be
used to create a fileset for a delete task.)

However, I think it's actually a good idea to do more to distinguish
the files that come from the two zip files anyway - for instance so
that people don't edit them and have changes clobbered by the next
make.  So I had a go at unzip'ing them to zlib/dist and fdlibm/dist
respectively.  (This has the added advantage that it is easier to
maintain svn:ignore properties for two directory entries than for the
dozens of files they contain individually.)

On Linux this was straightforward since GNU make supports VPATH.  I'm
not really familiar with nmake on Windows but when I tried the same
syntax it failed.  Does anyone know what options we might have for a
similar fix for Windows?  One option is moving to GNU make on Windows
but that's a relatively big step?

I'd like to help completing this tidying up and the related exercise
of determining appropriate svn:ignore properties (so you don't *have*
to do "ant clean" before using "svn stat").


Mark Hindess <mark.hindess@googlemail.com>
IBM Java Technology Centre, UK.

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