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From Alexey Petrenko <alexey.a.petre...@gmail.com>
Subject classlib/trunk repository structure
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 14:09:12 GMT
Isn't it a good time to normalize classlib/trunk repository structure
and update "Apache Harmony Contribution Policy" document
(http://incubator.apache.org/harmony/contribution_policy.html) while
we got small number of modules?

Here is what I mean...
1. There is classlib/trunk/native-src directory. README says:
"native-src contains native source files only". So it looks like
correct place for ALL the native sources.
If so why we got native sources in
classlib/trunk/modules/security2/src/linux/other/? And why we got
additional java subdirectory in every main directory?
I think that we should store native sources under modules directory
with all other module sources. modules/modulename/src/main/native
looks like a good place for this. It will make looking for module
sources much easier.

2. It's not clear where the system specific java sources should be stored.
I think modules/modulename/src/linux and
modules/modulename/src/windows will be a good place.

3. It's not clear what should be placed in modules/modulename/src/main
directory. Main sources? What is main sources? May be it's system
independent sources? If so may be common it better name for this

So I suggest the following structure for sources:
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/ - all the sources for
"modulename" are here.
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/common - all the system
independent sources are here
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/common/java - common java sources
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/common/native - common native sources
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/linux/java - linux specific java sources
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/linux/native - linux specific
native sources
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/windows/java - windows specific
java sources
classlib/trunk/modules/modulename/src/windows/native - windows
specific native sources

The last question is platform specific sources (IA32, IA64 and so
on)... We can easily put them under windows/IA32 or so...

Any thoughts?

When some decision will be agreed or current structure become clear I
will prepare patch for "Contribution Policy"... If nobody mind.

Alexey A. Petrenko
Intel Middleware Products Division
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