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From Weldon Washburn <weldon...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jchevm] porting harmony classlib to JCHEVM
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2006 16:03:14 GMT
Below is the README.txt that I intend to include with the (very) rough
glue layer.  The whole glue layer is currently 350KB.  I am not
certain if this donation needs to be a bulk contribution.  Most of the
350KB derives from existing Apache Harmony code.  Also, I don't want
to check all these files into source code control until we have a
clear understanding where they need to reside and how we want the
directories arranged.

The README.txt:

Feb 11, 2006
Weldon Washburn, Intel

The code in this tree is very new.  It has not been compiled.

This tree, kernel_path, is a generic adapter that will glue the
Apache Harmony Class Library to any Java Virtual Machine that
runs GNU Classpath.

The first JVM that kernel_path will run on is Harmony JCHEVM.  It
is located at:


Directions for obtaining a copy of Harmony Class Library are at:


In the Harmony Class Library tree is a document describing how to connect the
libraries to a new Java Virtual Machine.  These directions are located
in the tree at:


kernel.txt states:

The Kernel Java classes are those classes which are tied to the structure
of the VM, or whose structure is known by the VM. Most of these classes
are defined by the Java 1.4.2 API specification. The IBM VM implementations
of these classes are provided in open source. The IBM implementations
rely on the presence of (typically) VM specific natives to implement the
required Java APIs. Other VM writers can choose to use these implementations,
but this forces the writer to use the reference design and the writer must
then implement the natives, for which minimal documentation is provided.

The kernel_path directory is a copy of the following Harmony Class
Library sub-tree:


To reduce clutter, the svn directories and files have been removed
from kernel_path.
The original directory structure remains unchanged.  Current status of
these files:

kernel_path/VM_native_stubs contains the java declaration of JCHEVM's
native method
entry points.  These are java source files that correspond to _jc_ilib_table [ ]
that is defined in:


VM_native_stubs files are probably 50% complete.  Nothing has been compiled.

Most of the mods were done to the kernel_path/src/main/java/java/lang directory.
This directory is probably 20% complete.  Nothing has been compiled. 
Probably the
hardest file to get right will be j/j/l/Thread.java.

None of the following files have been modified yet:


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