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From snowdosker <snowdos...@academ.org>
Subject Re: Classpath on Cygwin: failed to open native library error
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 06:00:35 GMT
Hello, Archie.
Thank you. Succesfully merged your changes and now everything looks better..
Still havn't solved problem with
jc: assertion failure: _r == 0
jc: location: file `thread.c' line 1023
This one is the reason for simple thread test crash after few itterations

Well after merging just compared differences of my local copy against 
Just for your interest.  This difference includes changes proposed by 
you and Enrico.

1.   in \libjc\arch\i386\i386_definitions.h this format differs.
#define _JC_LIBRARY_FMT        "cyg%s-0.dll"
Probably because classpath while build in my case generates dll names 
with major version number in name

2.  in  \libjc\arch\i386\i386_libjc.h I added this cygwin specific branch

#elif defined(__CYGWIN__)
extern inline const void *
_jc_jmpbuf_sp(const sigjmp_buf buf)
    return (const void *)buf[7];    

3. in \libjc\definitions.h added
 #if defined (__CYGWIN__)
#define PTHREAD_STACK_MIN 1024

4. in  \libjc\jc_invoke.c 
in struct poptOption jc_popt_options[] = { .... }
commented out POPT_AUTOHELP

5. in \libjc\native\java_lang_VMThread.c  added 
/* Cygwin pthread_create() with supplied attributes is completely broken! */
#ifdef __CYGWIN__

6. in libjc\os_functions.c  cygwin specific branch added
 *                CYGWIN                    *
#elif defined(__CYGWIN__)
#include <unistd.h>
_jc_num_cpus(_jc_env *env)
       return (int)sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN);

7. in libjc/properties.c cygwin specific branch added so      Set user 
timezone  block now looks as :
    /* Set user timezone */
        now = time(NULL);

#if defined(__CYGWIN__)
    if (_jc_set_property(env,
        "user.timezone", _tzname[0]) != JNI_OK)
        return JNI_ERR;

    if (_jc_set_property(env,
        "user.timezone", localtime(&now)->tm_zone) != JNI_OK)
        return JNI_ERR;

8. in libjc\zip.c   pread(..) replaced with lseek + read calls


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