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From Oliver Deakin <oliver.dea...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: classlib build status emails?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:20:24 GMT
Yup, got to echo Tims words - very cool :)

It's great for us to be able to see how near/far we are from a full J2SE 
implementation, and provides
a simple way for people to find areas that need work. Thanks!

Stuart Ballard wrote:
> Stuart Ballard <stuart.a.ballard <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> If you can give me an url that will always point to the latest jar file(s), I
>> can set up nightly japi results and mail diffs to this list.
> Geir gave me a pointer to the latest snapshots, so the japi results are now 
> online:
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-jdk10-harmony
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-jdk11-harmony
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-jdk12-harmony
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-jdk13-harmony
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-jdk14-harmony
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-jdk15-harmony
> http://www.kaffe.org/~stuart/japi/htmlout/h-harmony-jdk15
> The last report triggers a recently-discovered bug in japitools that causes some
> StringBuffer methods to be incorrectly reported as "missing in jdk15" (which
> would mean that they are extra methods in harmony). I suggest ignoring the last
> report for now, or at least verifying anything it claims against Sun's
> documentation before acting on it.
> Other than that the reports should give correct information about Harmony's
> coverage of the API defined in each JDK version.
> Whenever these results change for better or worse, (unless I've screwed
> something up), an email will be sent to this list with the differences.
> Stuart.

Oliver Deakin
IBM United Kingdom Limited

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