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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: classlib ant clean is incomplete
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 15:52:40 GMT
Mark Hindess wrote:
> I'm a unix hacker used to working at the command line.  (But that
> wasn't supposed to be a confession and I'm sure some of this will be
> visible to IDE users.)  When preparing patches, for example for the
> the native-src, I might run:
>   cd native-src
>   ant clean
>   svn stat
> to see what files I've added and/or removed.  (Obviously I could use
> svn diff but that only really answers the changed files question.)
> At the moment when I do this I see:
>   ?      linux.IA32/build.log
>   ?      linux.IA32/include/unicode
>   ?      linux.IA32/text/libicuuc.so.34
>   ?      linux.IA32/vmi/vmi.map
>   ?      linux.IA32/fdlibm/e_exp.c
>   ?      linux.IA32/fdlibm/s_finite.c
>   ... [ 100+ lines removed ]
>   ?      linux.IA32/zlib/adler32.c
>   ?      linux.IA32/zlib/old
>   ?      linux.IA32/zlib/amiga
>   ?      linux.IA32/zlib/infback.c
>   ?      linux.IA32/zlib/examples
> (Aside: build.log should go soon I think.

Done, removed in repo revision 379496.

> And one of my JIRA patches
> fixes the clean target of the makefile that creates vmi/vmi.map.)
> It's plain to see why most of these files are still around since, in
> native-src/build.xml, make-all and layout have corresponding clean
> targets but overlay-oss does not.
> Of course, this is slightly non-trivial to fix since you can't easily
> reverse the unzip. (You'd want an zip-content-list task that could be
> used to create a fileset for a delete task.)
> However, I think it's actually a good idea to do more to distinguish
> the files that come from the two zip files anyway - for instance so
> that people don't edit them and have changes clobbered by the next
> make.  So I had a go at unzip'ing them to zlib/dist and fdlibm/dist
> respectively.  (This has the added advantage that it is easier to
> maintain svn:ignore properties for two directory entries than for the
> dozens of files they contain individually.)

I agree -- can you send the ant script / makefile changes via JIRA please?

> On Linux this was straightforward since GNU make supports VPATH.  I'm
> not really familiar with nmake on Windows but when I tried the same
> syntax it failed.  Does anyone know what options we might have for a
> similar fix for Windows?  One option is moving to GNU make on Windows
> but that's a relatively big step?

How about changing references to foobar.obj to dist/foobar.obj in the
windows makefile?  I know is is not quite as cool as VPATH, but then we
can lay out the files in the same way while we continue the discussion
of sharing multi-platform code.

> I'd like to help completing this tidying up and the related exercise
> of determining appropriate svn:ignore properties (so you don't *have*
> to do "ant clean" before using "svn stat").

I'd like you to help do that too ;-)



Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
IBM Java technology centre, UK.

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