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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject [jchevm] Cygwin issues
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 08:37:01 GMT
Hi Archie and Ivan,

 > Archie Cobbs wrote:
 > Today I've made changes to eliminate the requirement that 
 > be at most sizeof(_jc_word), so this will fix the assertion in heap.c.

hope that doesn't sacrifice any of the features of jchevm

 > As for the failure to exit properly, this is probably related to the
 > assertion on line 1023 of thread.c (which you said was failing in a
 > previous email on Cygwin).
 > This will take some further debugging.. there may be a bug in the
 > handing of the "vm_destruction" condition variable but since I don't
 > see the assertion it may be easier for you guys to debug it. I'll
 > try a visual inspection though.
 > -Archie


 > Ivan wrote:
 > It's probably related to my incorrect  definition of
 >extern inline const void * _jc_jmpbuf_sp(const sigjmp_buf buf)
 >in file \jchevm\libjc\arch\i386\i386_libjc.h  which I added few days
 >ago as cygwin specific branch.
 >in order to proceed


1) I'd suggest you to set up the DDD visual debugger in order
 to run step by step jchevm and use breakpoints. DDD works perfectly
 on Cygwin: all you need to do is to install the X libraries, and from
 a shell, run $startx and then, from the windows that appears, $ddd

2) in order to proceed, let's "align" our development environment in terms
 of source code modifications. In fact, to build jchevm, just like you, 
I had
 to add some declarations in some header files, and modify the pread()
 call into a read(). My proposal is the following:
 let's install the new versions of Cygwin, Classpath, and jchevm,
 build them from scratch, produce a written document with all the steps
 and modifications, and post it this mailing list.
 Afterwards, we will be able to write and debug some test cases.
what do you think?



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