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From George Harley <george.c.har...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] build / test system
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 09:48:20 GMT
Hi Stepan,

And if redistributing the Eclipse jars was an issue then we could simply 
make use of the Maven jar repository at ibiblio.org. The jars necessary 
for using the Eclipse compiler can be obtained from there without the 
need to download the entire Eclipse platform (see 
http://www.ibiblio.org/maven/eclipse/jars/jdtcore-3.1.0.jar) which 
reduces the "pain" considerably.

Ant build scripts could simply make use of the "get" task (with the 
"usetimestamp" option to avoid unnecessary downloading) to get the 
jdtcore-3.1.0.jar and then use "unzip" to extract the 
jdtCompilerAdapter.jar that is contained in there. The modified 
trunk/make/build-java.xml file inside the attachments for HARMONY-57 and 
HARMONY-88 use the ibiblio.org repository in just this way to obtain 
various xml support jars and even the junit jar.

Best regards,
IBM United Kingdom Limited

Stepan Mishura wrote:
> If redistributing Eclipse's jars is not an issue then I think it would be
> good to put them to SVN and set up the ant build script accordingly. This
> will simplify build process.
> Also this can be applied, for example, to BC provider jar - we'll avoid
> questions like: which version of BC did you use? Everybody will use jar that
> is distributed with Harmony code base and is used to test it.
> Thanks,
> Stepan Mishura
> Intel Middleware Products Division
> On 2/13/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
>> I'm dorking around with some ant scripts for doing a complete unit test
>> run over all modules.
>> After some pondering, I'd like to have us eat our own dogfood (ok,
>> Eclipse's dogfood) and start doing everything that we can using the
>> eclipse java compiler, with the goal of self-hosting at some point with
>> a javac.exe that uses it.
>> So to that end, I'd like to set things up so that by default, we use the
>> eclipse compiler, but that means that people have to go through a
>> [painful] process to get the jars (2 of them) - namely if you don't have
>> Eclipse installed, you have to go get it and dig two jars out.
>> I'd like to set things up so we don't have to put in ant/lib to make it
>> less intrusive to people - we could have a local lib dir and do that
>> maybe.
>> Anyway, anyone have strong feelings or suggestions?
>> geir

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