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From Tor-Einar Jarnbjo <Tor-Ei...@Jarnbjo.de>
Subject JavaSound Was: java.sql.*
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 23:08:20 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:

> Lets discuss that here. :)  I didn't mean to ignore you - but two mail 
> machines were hard to follow.  I'm ready to join them into one, and 
> hopefully I'll stop dropping the ball :)

Ok, here are a snippet from the mail I sent you:

(Win32 partial implementation of JavaSound): 

Installation is quite simple, just copy the following files to 
jre\lib\ext: dist/sound.jar, dist/vorbis-spi.jar
and the following files to some directory in the dll path (e.g. 
jre\bin\default): dist/sound.dll

The ant build file will build the HJavaSound Java source code and the C 
source using Borland's CBuilderX. I know it's not pretty, using hard 
coded paths etc., but it was just a quick hack to simplify the build 
process. The source code for the SPI and player are included in the 
vorbis-spi and spiplayer directories, for which no build files are 
included. Hope you don't mind that I already chose to put implementation 
specific classes in the org.apache.harmony.sound.sampled package.

Ogg/Vorbis files should now play with "java -jar dist/spiplayer.jar 

The Vorbis SPI for JavaSound and the SpiPlayer itself are actually parts 
of my project J-Ogg (ww.j-ogg.de), which is already released under an 
Apache-style license 

Another issue with this is of course that the current VMs working with 
Harmony are not able to use Java 5 class files and implementing 
JavaSound for 1.4 and later extending it for Java 5 would be at least 
some unnecessary work. Are there any current plans for extending the VMs 
for Java 5 code?

> Which code, and what were the terms of the NDA?  The CLA is fairly 
> lightwieght.

Good questions, I honestly don't know. Working as a Java developer, I 
now and then need to trace into the original source code or take a look 
or two at the API implementation to realize why something is not working 
as I expect. As far as I can remember, I have not done this with Sun's 
JavaSound implementation. I don't have the NDA anymore, or am at least 
not able to find it, having moved around several times the last ten 
years. For working on a JavaSound implementation, it is probably 
irrelevant anyway, as JavaSound was not introduced until Java 1.3 and 
ought not to be covered by any agreement in Sun's NDA.


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