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From Tor-Einar Jarnbjo <Tor-Ei...@Jarnbjo.de>
Subject Re: java.sql.*
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 18:14:34 GMT
Jeremy Huiskamp schrieb:

> Would I be correct in assuming that the majority of java.sql would be  
> trivial to implement by reading the javadocs (everything except  
> DriverManager)?  I can take a whack at the low hanging fruit this  
> weekend.

The java.sql package mostly contains interfaces, so it shouldn't be too 
much work, but what's so difficult about the DriverManager. It only has 
to manage a list of registered Driver implementations and the 
getConnection methods should only iterate through the available drivers, 
check if the URL is supported and if yes, delegate the call to 


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