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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: classlib/trunk repository structure
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:38:02 GMT
Alexey Petrenko wrote:
>> As for the policy doc, why?  To match component names to policy
>> documentation?
> Because it is not show the real repository structure...
> For example...
> Contribution policy:
> "Division of Repository
> === skipped ===
> enhanced/classlib
>             /applet
>             /awt
>             /beans
>             /...
> === skipped ==="
> Real repository:
> enhanced/classlib/
> enhanced/classlib/branches/ - unspecified but with obvious meaning
> enhanced/classlib/tag/ - unspecified but with obvious meaning
> enhanced/classlib/trunk/ - unspecified but with obvious meaning
> All the directories inside "trunk" are not specified but almost
> obvious. And only inside "enhanced/classlib/trunk/modules/" we can
> find module names which were mentioned in the policy.

Sure -- if you want to change the website doc to better reflect reality
that would be welcomed.

>>> I think that we should store native sources under modules directory
>>> with all other module sources. modules/modulename/src/main/native
>>> looks like a good place for this. It will make looking for module
>>> sources much easier.
>> yes - and I'm sure it's "on the list"
> OK.

Yes, on the list (and getting higher)

>>> 2. It's not clear where the system specific java sources should be stored.
>>> I think modules/modulename/src/linux and
>>> modules/modulename/src/windows will be a good place.
>> Mmmmm. We talked about this before.... I think the thought was to group
>> the natives for a module together under something to prevent src/ having
>> too many children...
> But I believe that we need clear decision anyway... To put the native
> sources inside the modules or not to put.
> I think it will be very useful for developers (who plans to contribute
> something to Harmony) to have up to date policy on repository
> structure and building process. It will also help for users and fix
> developers to understand where to find needed sources.
> And my other point that now we got not much sources and it will be
> rather easy to adjust them to the policy. When we will have more
> modules with much more sources it will be much more hard.

We are actually in the enviable position of receiving some great
contributions into the project, which means (1) we are kinda busy
integrating this stuff which is more productive than rearranging the
stuff we currently have, and (2) it makes it easier for contributors to
hit a stationary target than one that changes from week to week.

So I don't disagree, and if the world were a perfect place...
We'll get there.



Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
IBM Java technology centre, UK.

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