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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [tools] Javadoc! Javadoc! Javadoc! (the tool, not the debate...)
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 20:54:22 GMT

Jeremy Huiskamp wrote:


> What I could do is take the eclipse compiler and see what parts of it 
> can be reused.  I don't know anything about it so I won't offer any 
> speculation now.  Also, obviously eclipse has it's own javadoc 
> functionality.  Is that something that can be borrowed?

That's what I was about to suggest.  Eclipse clearly groks javadoc.  Why 
not see how that does it?

> Assuming the easy case, that the tools are all there for poaching with 
> minimal work, what would the proper action be?  It could be stated that 
> harmony will use the eclipse tools and you should go get them from 
> eclipse if you want them (at least for the time being, until harmony 
> gets to the point of being packaged up as a useable jdk).  I gather 
> that's the current status of the compiler.  Or harmony could host the 
> currently accepted binaries.  Or the source code could be taken into 
> svn, in which case there's the question of keeping in sync with the 
> original tool.  In all likelihood, it won't be that simple and harmony 
> will have some of it's own modifications...
> Having asked so many questions, I'm now expecting to be told that 
> whatever I feel like doing will be better than nothing :-p  I'm off to 
> see what I can find out about the eclipse toolset.

Whatever you feel like doing is better than nothing.  Thanks for 
volunteering :)


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