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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: [vote] Acceptance of HARMONY-39 : Contribution of beans, regex and math class library code
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 19:05:52 GMT

Andrey Chernyshev wrote:
> Well, I was using zip included with the cygwin distribution, this
> could be the issue.
> It seems like it produces zip file which has a difference in one byte
> compared to the similar file produced by zip at my Linux machine (it
> was SuSE9 i586).


> BTW: is there any way to replace a file at JIRA issue? What will
> happen if I just upload the file with the same name?

Nothing, because it's a different name, right?  One was .zip, one is 
>>> What software are you using? Have you tried using 'jar'? That should be
>>> pretty cross-platform...
> I wouldn't speculate on that, but... I have a strong feeling that both
> zip and jar utilities are likely to have the same core - zlib library,
> hence the luck of creating equal zip files is likely to depend on it's
> portability anyways :).

Lets test.  Send me (privately : geir@pobox.com) a small jar that I can 
try on my ubuntu VM...


> Thank you,
> Andrey Chernyshev
> Intel Middleware Products Division
> On 2/6/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
>> We're trying...
>> Leo Simons wrote:
>>> On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 04:39:27PM +0300, Andrey Chernyshev wrote:
>>>> I'm sorry about the broken archive, but...  it looks to me strange - I
>>>> can download and unpack it successfully both on my Windows and Linux
>>>> boxes (sorry, I have no Mac in my hands at the moment to check).
>>> What software are you using? Have you tried using 'jar'? That should be
>>> pretty cross-platform...
>>>> Anyways, I have attached the gtar-ed archive (see
>>>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/attachment/12322666/regex_beans_math_src_20060120_1845-Harmony.tgz),
>>>> hopefully either one or another bundle will work for the everyone.
>>>> Please let me know if there are still difficulties extracting the contents.
>>> Well I'm getting 503 service temporarily unavailable but there's hardly
>>> anything you can do about that. Lets gope infra@ gets jira back up soon :-)
>>> cheers,
>>> Leo

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