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From Archie Cobbs <arc...@dellroad.org>
Subject Re: compiling JCHEVM with GCC/Cygwin
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 14:40:04 GMT
Enrico Migliore wrote:
> The bad news is that the RedHat guys hasn't ported ucontext library to 
> Cygwin.
> The good one is that:
> 1. You call just one of the 4 ucontext library functions, and you call it
>     in just one source file (stack.c)
> 2. I've found an example explaining how to port the ucontext library in 
> Cygwin
>     (Don't know if it works though)

Good, hopefully #2 will work. The use of ucontext is pretty critical,
because otherwise we could leak references and accidentally GC an object
still in use. Actually there could be an alternative implementation using
setjmp(), I'll look into that if time permits.

> zip problem
> ------------
> I downloaded the source code of zip-2.3 and,
> at line 373 of zip.c, I got this:
> #ifdef MACOS

Sorry, I meant JCHEVM's zip,c: jchevm/libjc/zip.c.

>  > Looks like the pread(3) function is not working properly under Cygwin.
>  > This error occurs on line 373 of zip.c if you want to try to debug it
>  > (sorry, I'm Windows illiterate).
> Yet, I can't find, in the Zip source files, the the pread( ) function 
> that you told me about

pread(3) is something that Cygwin would supply, not zip. I.e., it's
part of the standard C library (per Unix98).


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