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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: Growing the Harmony community
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:51:37 GMT
Nice email, tim! I'm just responding to some small bits.

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 10:38:36AM +0000, Tim Ellison wrote:
> We should describe a set of near-term goals, to show people where we are
> going and where they can help.

Geir, do you have that presentation from AC somewhere which had the list of
short- medium- long-term goals in it in a shareable format?

> Looking at the list of incubator projects [1], I see there are eight
> mentors for Harmony, and there are 13 committers for Harmony on Jim's
> committer list [2].  I realize that not all mentors and committers are
> going to be equally active on the project, but shouldn't the active
> committers be members of the PPMC?

Interesting question, and a good one to ask.

There has been some discussion about this on the PPMC list. I forgot what
the end of the story was. Basically at some point the PPMC is going to vote
on adding some of the committers to itself. The ASF is currently (and
always :-)) in a process of (re)evaluating its internal structures, policies,
etc (if you read general@incubator you get some feeling for it). Different
projects do things a little differently.

For example, there's projects where the rule is roughly "committers =~ PMC"
(like HTTPD) and there's also projects where its "committers >> PMC" (like
jakarta which has 100s of committers and about a 100 people on its PMC)
and then there's various options in the middle and other variations along
different axes (gump doesn't really have a solidified "committer" role).

With harmony we're again doing a few more things a little more differently,
eg we have "partitioned commit access" based on "previous exposure" and
a contribution framework which is somewhat different from the rest of the
ASF its processes, and this trickles down into figuring out how to do these
kinds of things, too.

For example, I haven't filed the relevant harmony contributor forms yet, so
while I'm on the PPMC (and if I don't have karma for the entire SVN tree I
can easily add myself since I do sysadmin work around the ASF), I really
should not be touching the "protected" codebases just yet.

Some projects brought into incubation bring with them a whole bunch of
new people to the ASF who are immediately then committers and PPMC members
(derby is one example). With harmony we're doing things a little
differently. A little more slowly, little more carefully. There's really no
set policy on what the differences are, its just the PPMC sort-of winging it
based on experience and mutual agreement and stuff like that.

In any case, rest assured there's almost no traffic on harmony its PPMC
mailing list and that's firmly going to stay that way no matter who is on
it :-)



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