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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <ge...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Bootstrapping the classlibrary builds
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 13:11:39 GMT

On Dec 29, 2005, at 6:00 AM, Tim Ellison wrote:

> Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
>> Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
>>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>>> Can you think of any other runtime modularity systems that we  
>>>> should
>>>> consider supporting?
>>> Sadly "rt.jar" because I hope that other VMs will support our VM/lib
>>> interface, and thus our classlib, and manybe not yet do OSGi.
>> Clearly I didn't read Tim's question.  Or if I did, I didn't  
>> answer it.
>>         I don't consider rt.jar a runtime modularity system.  I  
>> was just
>> thinking of packagings of the library...
> Right, if we don't consider runtime modularity support then we can
> package it up in to any shape and a monolith rt.jar would be just  
> fine.
> Since OSGi is the main game in town at the moment for runtime  
> support, I
> believe it makes sense to maintain the OSGi metadata (JAR manifests)
> alongside the components in the repository.

Sure - there's absolutely no harm there.

> Besides ensuring we don't
> unwittingly break the runtime model it allows us to break up the
> classlib development into manageable pieces with well-defined  
> boundaries
> between them.

Makes sense, as long as it doesn't create really awful problems,  
which it doesn't seem to.

> If JSR277 implies something different then we'll consider it at the  
> time.

It probably will...


> Regards,
> Tim
> -- 
> Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
> IBM Java technology centre, UK.

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