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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: [Licensing] Fresh start
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 19:15:42 GMT
On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 01:50:35PM -0500, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Just remember, it has to go both ways :)

Baby steps :-)

> Apache code in classpath and
> classpath code in Harmony. We can't just push things so that it is a
> one way street. So far what i have not heard is how/what can be done
> to enable Classpath to use the tons of jakarta code and other Apache
> code.

there's been several options discussed, actually. They just look very
"expensive" or not without problems. Eg

-> change the Apache License to be GPL-compatible
-> write a GPL-compatible interface into which you can plug Apache
   licensed code
-> hope that GPLv3 is GPL-compatible
-> change the Classpath license to be AL-compatible (not feasible since
   it makes classpath incompatible with other parties)

> How about a plan of attack?

Is always good!

> Anthony, Dalibor and Mark can try hard to
> lobby FSF's GPL v3 effort to be as compatible as possible with ASL
> 2.0?

Actually, anyone and everyone can and should do that, since the FSF is going
to be following a very open process to GPL v3. We should all chime in!

> In the mean while, we can take up Stefano's offer of working on a
> VM interface.

I am not so sure that's a good idea, or whether its feasible. Not saying
its a bad idea though.

Mark told me someone tried something like that a year or two ago already.
I forgot whom or what it was called, but I'd suggest trying to learn about
it and if it failed, why.

> If we get thru in one piece till GPL v3 gets out, then
> we can investigate if Classpath can switch to use Xerces/Xalan etc
> from Apache.

s/switch/provide an option/.

> In the parallel, let's see how LGPL bridge policy works
> in the real world usage (once Apache-Legal formulates it and announces
> it). At that point we can eval options on both sides and see how best
> to go forward.

yup. With you there.

> Stating the obvious, since none of the legal stuff is driven by anyone
> on this list,

Actually, I think there's several people here driving it. I'm trying :-)

> we should move forward with technical solutions...stuff
> that geir has always pushed for.
> Is there a better plan of attack?

I think that these things can and should happen in parallel. Technical
stuff is good. By all means. We shouldn't be waiting with technical stuff
because of "legal hope".


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